The Razor-Tune Advantage

Razor-Tune is a precision ski edge tuner that delivers World Cup edge sharpness and surface finish at an affordable price. Razor-Tune was developed by racers for racers. We consulted coaches, racers, and race technicians to create a tool that is simple to use and produces a professional grade, race-ready finish.


  • Spring-loaded grind wheel

    • No manual adjustments

  • Tune with the ski mounted flat in the vices​​

    • Stable, Error-free operation 

  • Fast

    • Race-Ready Edge in as little as 5 minutes

  • Easy to Use

    • Athletes as young as U14 can master it​

  • Burr-free Edge​

    • Always cuts away from the base by engaging only the downward spinning side of the wheel​

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Razor-Tune Complete Race Kit

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Basic Kit

Basic tuning kit includes the Razor-Tune precision edge sharpening tool with one medium grit wheel, 2° wedge(not shown in photo), 3° wedge, power supply, and a tool bag.



+1 518-960-7330

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